Timeline Pre 1750

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1653 River Wey opens to barge traffic
Samuel Johnson Born 1709 Abraham Darby converts 1st furnace
Laurence Sterne born 1713
Lancelot “Capability” Brown born 1715
Joshua Reynolds born 1723
Robert Adam born 1728 Matthew Boulton born
Josiah Wedgwood born 1730
William Cowper (poet and hymn writer) born 1731 Erasmus Darwin born
Joseph Haydn born 1732 Richard Arkwright born
1733 Joseph Priestley born
Joseph Wright of Derby born 1734
Rob Roy dies 1735
Witchcraft no longer a crime 1736 James Watt born
Construction of Radcliffe Camera begun in Oxford 1737 Harrison’s first chronometer
John Wesley’s conversion 1738
Rule Britannia composed (Arne) 1740
1741 Harrison’s second chronometer

William Withering born

First performance Handel’s “Messiah” 1742
Stourhead gardens begun 1743 Edmund Cartwright born
War with France

1st recorded cricket match

Jonathan Swift dies

Hogarth’s “Marriage a la

Jacobite Rebellion

Battle of Culloden 1746
Glasse’s “Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy” 1747 First clock maker opens in Coventry
1748 Excavations begun at Pompeii
Fielding’s “Tom Jones” 1749