The History Anorak

Welcome to the History Anorak website. It’s  been a long time since it was updated, but plans are afoot to make it more exiting.

What’s the site about?

The History Anorak is first of all, a person. Someone with an interest in history and archaeology and much, much more. The History Anorak website has grown out of those interests. That’s where you are now.

What is here?

Mostly you’ll find UK history from the start of the canal era (mid 18th century) to the start of World War I (1914). This will be primarily a history site but it might not be what you immediately think of! History can often seem like lots of kings and dates and nothing to do with ordinary people. So this site will try to concentrate on the real and everyday things that would have mattered to the majority.

How the site works

You can navigate around the site in a number of ways. There’s a menu at the top of the page that has some main headings.

  • Find historic dates by entering through the Timeline.
  • If you prefer to check out topics you’ll find subject headings on the menu.
  • Or you can look up people, places and events through the Key Facts page.
  • Click on ‘category’ on the right hand menu to find posts on similar topics.

There’s also a blog page with posts that cover times and topics that are outside the main subjects and era of the rest of the site.

If it comes to it there’s also an index page.  It’s not very pretty but it’s informative.

Key facts